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My girlfriend took her pathfinder down to the shop the other day. It has been making a lot of noise that reminiscent of a squeaky belt. She just had several belts replaced a few months back. This time they tell her its the alternator, and ordered the part without even asking her and told her it was going to cost $500. My girlfriend said she couldnt afford that right now, and the mechanic said he would put the alternator on just to test if that was the problem. Low and behold he said it wasnt the alternator, but it was the crankshaft pulley, which is why the other belts went bad. He said with parts and labor a new crankshaft pulley would be $450. I am not knowledgable enough with cars to know if we are getting the shaft here, but it sure feels like it! The pathfinder does have 100K miles on it - so things are going to go bad - and its very probable that the crankshaft pulley does need to be replaced - but it still feels like these guys are acting shady!

I have wrenched on cars in the past and can fix or replace things if it isnt super super involved and I have good directions and even better some illustrations. My questions are these:

1) Can I get a refurbished crankshaft pulley online for cheap? If so can you provide a website and part number for this make and model and year pathfinder?

2) On a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the hardest how difficult would you rate this job?

3) It seems like it is becoming more common for people to take pictures of jobs like these and post tutorials. I know with my jeep wrangler there were a lot of writeups or tutorials with pictures and directions on how to perform certain tasks. Does anyone know of or have such a tutorial or writeup for replacing a crankshaft pulley on 99 or equivalent year pathfinder?

4) If I did need a mechanic to put this on does 450$ sound to high for parts and labor?

Thanks in advance!
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