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1998 power window switch assembly not so easy to disassemble!

KA24Tech said:
I think the contact is dirty on the switch. I think if the relay was at fault it wouldn't move at all and it would usually effect more than one window. Try removing the switch and disassemblying it, use a pencil eraser to clean off the contacts and then put it back together.


I have a 1998 Altima GLE with the driver side power window switch problem. Window goes down, but not up. Isolated motor operates properly up and down when powered by a 12 volt battery charger connected to motor connector. Problem localized to driver side switch control, the other window switches are functional. Using a continuity checker, switch connections to printed circuit board appear to operate correctly. Beginning to suspect the express down circuit (components) that sit between the switch and the connector. Maybe the relay on the printed circuit board.

My problem - I have read that others are able to disassemble the switches to get to the contacts to clean. I have tried to pull the switch caps off in order to access the back side of the printed circuit board, but they are stubborn. Do they really snap off? It feels as though I will destroy them in the process.

If I could get the printed circuit board out of the assembly, I can fix problem.

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