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1998 Pathfinder LE Slow to start

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Hey everyone.

I just picked up a 1998 Nissan Pathfinder LE. 235k KM

It runs pretty well once its going but its a bit slow to start/turnover sometimes. When the key turns it clicks a few times and then sounds like its not quite turning over but if I give it a little bit of gas it seems to go pretty good.

My thoughts were something like the fuel pump motor/assembly or the fuel filter. The fuel pump doesn't look like its ever been changed. Fuel filter doesn't look like its the stock one but its definitely been on there for a while.

Any suggestions or things to try would be sweet!

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Slow turning over and clicking is usually a sign of a weak battery, loose or dirty battery cable end connections on the battery, corrosion in the battery cables or a failing starter...usually in that order. A parasitic draw could also be present causing the battery to drain when the engine is not running. So, check you battery cables and connections, have the battery tested and check the charging system while your at it. It still wouldn't hurt to replace that fuel filter, but it wouldn't cause your engine to turn over slow.
Took it to get a battery test and it was running low so I bought a new one and replaced it. Started up well right away once I put it in. Havent tested to see what it's sitting at now though. Will go and do a bit of an inspection on the cables but the connections to the battery look like theyre in good shape.

It was a pretty slow start this morning but picked up a bit when i hit the gas and stayed at about 13000rpm for a few seconds before i tapped the gas and it dropped back down to idle. Will see how it is a bit later on today once I run some errands. Seems like something fuel related??
When you say "slow to start," do you mean the engine cranking speed appears to be slow or do you mean there is an extended crank time before the engine will fire (but cranking speed appears to be okay)? Those are two different types of problems. Slow crank would suggest a charging or starting system issue whereas normal crank but extended start time might indicate something like a dirty or faulty IACV-AAC valve or improper base idle setting, fuel pressure leaking down, low compression, etc.
I have a similar issue also. It’s more of the normal crank but slow start up with the rpm stumbles low then goes up. Most of the times it has happened if I start vehicle and then shut off and restart it hard starts and does that.

Doesnt necessarily happen after vehicle is hot then restarting like a heat soak would. I had a heat soak issue before and added a can of bg44k a few months ago and that went away.
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