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I've had oil leaking on the driver's side of the crossmember for about 2 months now. Just today, My mechanic changed out the oil pressure switch...said it was dripping when the car was running. I thought, wonderful news!

Well after it sat for about 5 hours, i took it out and low and behold, oil on the ground again. Not sure if it had some residual oil that was still around there, but nonetheless, it's making me furious as well.

I've recently learned that a good culprit would be the valve cover gaskets. It's hard to say since it's so tough to see them, but I've also had a burning oil smell from the engine bay for some time now. Oddly, it's only when I am backing up. Makes no sense to me at all, but clearly, something is still leaking.

Might wanna keep them in mind, as the oil pressure switch may not be your only enemy.

Anyone know how much it would run to have the valve cover gaskets replaced? Doesn't sound like a very cheap job to me :balls:
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