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I think everyone on the Pathfinder side of this forum has seen or is familiar with my previous oil leak issue from 13 months ago.

13 months ago:

Last week I’ve been noticing another small leak from the front end/driver side of my 98 Pathfinder, so under the truck I go.

I noticed this:

This is the oil pressure switch sending unit (pt num 25240-8996E). Cost $19 The more I drove the truck I noticed more and more oil plashing underneath the front end of the truck and onto my marble & gold layered driveway.

I was told that I need a special socket to remove such a part, so I scored this little lovely from a friend who is a certified mechanic:

It appears to be a regular socket, but it isn’t. It’s especially made for removing oil switch sending units. <-- I’m quoting. This part isn’t the easiest to remove, but it’s located directly behind/above the oil filter (seen in earlier picture)

Take a look at the old part and notice the small ring of oil around the plastic and the missing rubber seal:

…and the new one with the rubber seal:

If you have the skills and tools, this job will take less than an hour and you will be forced to change your oil filter. Also, this is a delicate part (plastics and aluminum) and only requires 10-15lbs of pressure when applying torque.
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