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1998 Missing (DTC 0304)

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Good day all, great site and some really good tips,

My 1998 frontier XE king cab w/2.4, 5-spd, etc. 190k miles has been very reliable up until now and here are the symptoms:

Rough idle, occasional mis-fire,

DTC 0304 and on a Innova reader that I have borrowed from a friend, the "C, EV, O, E" are flashing... Which to me looks like multiple issues but I'm not ready to start throwing parts at it for the shotgun approach.

Any ideas? It was scheduled to have a new cap, rotor, plugs and wires before this issue popped-up but I don't think that will help as all are in good condition.

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You may want to refer to the very recent thread "98 Frontier EGR Problem". The flashing letters are indicating pending OBDII tests in all likelihood. Did you erase the memory, have the MIL light return, and reread the code?

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