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1997 sentra 2,500 rpm limiter? i need help!!

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i have a 1997 sentra gxe 1.6l. the problem started after i changed the starter and hooked my batt. back up. i had no fire. i reset the security then the engine would run but a rev limiter stop me from exceeding any more than 2,500 rpm. Safe mode mabey i have read through these fourms. the comp. has a error history of codes 0102 mass air flow sinsor/circuit and code 0901 front oxygen sensor heater wich is brand new. i have reset the comp. with the self diog. switch and leaving the neg. cable off. im puzzled and trying to avoid a delership bill$$$ PLESE HELP [email protected]
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If you have a MAF code, then you are in "limp home mode." Perhaps you broke a wire or something while changing the starter. I'm not entirely sure of how to test it, but there should be a chassis manual up for download somewhere on the b14 forums.
maf or circuit no doubt
thanks for the input i have a hanes manual so ill test the voltage on the maf and ill let you know
i no longer have a maf error now i only have a O2 heater code and this O2 i new im still in limp home mode and i have reset the comp multiple times please help
you didn't forget to plug in the "Mass Flow Air Sensor" when you took the starter out did you??
my mass air flow sensor does that all the time, im telling you thats what the problem is, it may be hooked up but getting bad connection, push on the plug, nissans have horrible connector/plug designs
beats me.. I'm trying to figure out my own prob with my 91 GXE. Keep losing power peroid. New Alt/Bat and replaced ground wires. Still losing power.
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