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I have a 1997 pathfinder with 350k kms on her. I have recently moved to a cold climate.
Last week when i was starting the vehicle at -20C, the engine turned over briefly (It made the usually sounds), and then everything went dark. All the cab lights, the dash, everything.
Since then, the vehicle will not turn over. When i insert the key, i get the usual beeping sound. Then i turn it to acc, and the dash and stereo comes on. When i go a little farther, i see the usual engine lights and oil lights in the dash. But when i turn the key all the way to crank the engine, i hear a quick series of clicking (relay) sounds and then everything is dark again.

I uploaded a video showing this ->

Anyway, i have check all fuses. They are all good.
I have switched relays around in the cab and in the engine bay. (There are 3 in the cab that are identical which i have rotated, and 2 in the engine bay.)
I have replaced the ignition switch.
A few weeks ago i replaced the battery in preparation for winter. Battery still tests good.
A few months ago i replaced the distributor due to an unrelated issue. Been fine ever since.

I know the starter itself is going to be the prime suspect. I had to replace the starter a few years ago and it didn't make all these clicking sounds, and the dash didn't go dark when i tried to crank. So i am thinking it is something else maybe ?

Any other questions please ask.
Thanks for any help!! <3

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Usually when you get the rapid "clicking" noise, it's due to a weak battery or bad cable connections. Make sure your cable connections are clean and tight at both ends and do a voltage drop test on the cables to make sure they are good.
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