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1996 sentra 1.6 spark plug seals replacement

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took off the valve cover and the spark plug seals fell apart. dealer says I have to replace the whole valve cover. there is a plastic cover inside the valve cover that partially blocks the removal of the seals. can the plastic cover be removed? mine cracks when I pry on it. anybody have any Ideas on this. HELP!!!
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that is a defitnly yes i had that lousy problem dealler say 200 bucks for a new vaule C and i went through 3 set of seals and none fit what so ever so i got some liquid gasket and made my own seal untill i went to a junk yard and pulled one from a b13 body and it fit and did a great job and I like my new color on my vaule cover :D i have a 96 you know they say that they discontinue the tube seal that why the PART NUMBER will not work that what they told me after i return the 50 dollars spark tube seal i spent 30 bucks for a new alumium VC .....and yes i dont think they were ment to be replace or not so easy on the the new vaule cover (black ones) so we have no choice to buy the WHOLE thing also i found on ebay that you can get the whole head gasket set includeing the tube seals for bout same price ... hopes this help
im sure you will the trick is do they still have the engine in it and at least the VC i went to the biggest one in california from what i was told and there was like 10 b13s and 5 b14s AND one poor 200sx (got torn up from an accident that dude was raceing in that) a note from what i notice it may seems like the VC tube seal looks gone but it really isnt when you take it off i passed up like 4 of them and a machanic was with me and i said that no good and he was like yea it is took it off and saw the whole thing and it looks brand new and it still wroking woudners..thought i let u know
oh yea i didnt notice it to much since oil was all over the tube so it slid in easly but one kinda didnt want to go in so easly so we just worked it up and down abit till it was happy and secondly only 3 b13s ? wow so little guese it true california have more accidents -_- even the samll junk yard theres like total of 10 sentras ranged from 80s to 90s it sad 2 see so many sentras out there sicne i like them...but more parts for me lol
i only saw one b14 in an accident the rest were just left to rot :( they looked normal so yea no one knows how to take care of there cars last owner took really good care the engine was even clean 2 untill i got my hand on it everythign was orginal parts and im a rough driver so im breaking the poor thing so had to take an easy but it good to replace those wron out parts from junkyard and it good as new that the beauty of it :D

and secoundly you payed 13 bucks for youres ? i payed like 30 for mine and a 3 dollar core ( i kepted the old one just in case lol)
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