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1996 sentra 1.6 spark plug seals replacement

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took off the valve cover and the spark plug seals fell apart. dealer says I have to replace the whole valve cover. there is a plastic cover inside the valve cover that partially blocks the removal of the seals. can the plastic cover be removed? mine cracks when I pry on it. anybody have any Ideas on this. HELP!!!
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Have you looked at the FSM? Have you called any other stealership? Some dont exactly know a whole lot ya know...
Not a haynes but the factory service manual. The first sticky has places you can find it.
If you can find a part in the exploded view of the engine then there should be a part # for it. Where are you located?
Well i guess you could try to put them in. But if there are none listed for the B14 I would say go to the junkyard and find another VC. Does anyone know if the VC from a b13 will fit a GA from the b14??
1 - 4 of 47 Posts
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