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I searched through the threads, but wanted to post my specific problem in case someone could help. First off, this is my first major problem, therefore my first post in this forum, so hello everyone.

Before X-Mas, car wouldn't start one morning. The next day it did start. Brought it to mechanic, they replaced the spark plugs, some filters and a couple of belts (actually my g/f brought it in... I would have replaced many of those on my own). Has worked fine ever since.

This morning, car wont' start again. It has been starting very easily, no long cranks. It turns over one or twice and starts. But this morning nothing.

When we turn the key to start, the solenoid clicks, but the engine does not turn over. I tried smacking the solenoid with a small hammer, but nothing changed. I tried boosting the battery, and still nothing. Jiggling the key and the shifter do not seem to help either.

What are the steps I should take to diagnose this problem? I would like to go to the car tomorrow (because it is about 1/2 hour away), work on it for an hour and if I can't figure it out, bring it to a mechanic. I will bring a multimeter if needed and stuff to clean the battery terminals.

Other information that may be useful:
It has an automatic starter.
The airbag light started flashing a couple of months ago, but does not seem to be related.

If someone has a trial and error approach I could use, it would be much appreciated. I would hate to bring it somewhere again to pay a load of money to have this happen in another two months.

Thanks again,
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