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1995 PF Transmission problem

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Hello everyone my reverse went out on my PF SE 4x4 and the transmission is only a litle over a year from being rebuilt. I was told that the reverse drum and another part are not holding preasure so they need to be replaced I tried to look up the reverse drum on the internet and could not find it any where. The shop want to Charge me $1102.00 to do the job 400.00 in parts and the rest is for labor and fluid. does this sound about right. pls let me know.

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you could get a remanufactured one for just a little more with a better warrantee than a yr.
No reverse? Hmmmm...rev drum not holding pressure? Well, there is a band that remains stationary and it's primary job is to hold the rev drum/sun gear after it is adjusted (no servo action). The adjustment is on the top/driver side of the body of the trans. It is an allen set screw/lock nut deal. If the tow truck is coming I'd personally tighten that set screw down A LITTLE at a time and see what happens. That band adj is only like 4.3ft. lbs. Just a thought...
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