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Hello All,
I have a 1995 Cefiro (aka Maxima) 2 ltr V6 auto 240,000km that has auto trans issue after being rear-ended recently. Trans started changing to 2nd didnt seem to pay attention to the revs, just wanted to wait approx 10 secs then shift. Once the trans heated up, shifting was ok. After couple of months, shifting did not improve once vehicle heated up. Once the trans shifted to 2nd, everything shifted as expected.

Few months later I find under serious acceleration, particularly uphill, the motor is revving faster than the speed you expect for those revs. Likewise, in D, brake on and rev up, get what feels like a clutch letting go momentarily then grabbings repeatedly.

Its been a really mechanically strong and safe car and I reckon will go 300+k. I hope you can help.

Any thoughts please?

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