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I have a Nissan Sunny 1994, 5 door with a 1.6 16 valve engine, 170,000km on the clock. In other parts of the world this may be called a Pulsar or Sentra, it is an N14.

It is not "serviced" as such, but I have had the oil changed, (and the filter of course), at the end of October when it was in to have a part of the pipe replaced, (the pipe that takes the burnt gas from the engine to the back of the car).

It has been very reliable for years, but about a month ago, I rolled up to a red light and the engine, instead of slowing to idle, slowed to a stop. It started first time and was fine. I thought little of it.

Over the next few weeks, it has done this several times, as much as 2-3 times a day. When it is idling, it seems to be doing so un-evenly. I have, on advice from a colleague, changed the airfilter, (easy), and the sparking plugs, (reasonably easy - needed a special narrow plug spanner), the removed plugs looked very clean. This has not made things better, (or worse).

Are there any other easy things I can look at that might help? I have only very basic tools, but will try things if they seem within my capabilities. If I take it to a workshop in Denmark, the charge for walking through the door would make most people faint.
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