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1994 sentra limited edition

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well let me start by saying im new and i just joined not to long ago. i drive a 1994 sentra with a ga16de 5 speed with an obx header, obx test pipe, obx cai and obx muffler. i was goning to start posting mainly on my car but something happened and now all plans have come to a violent stop. i was planning on showing my car to everyone on this site but as of today the car is.....well toast. seems the cars and telephone post dont mix. in my opion the car isnt bad could of been worst and gonna see if it can be fixed. im gonna try to post some pics of it. also it did have a drift body kit.....i know a bodykit. already been picked on enough for it. anyways ill see if i can get some pics.

also sorry the pics are so big
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looks like you'll be needing a new hood, bumper reinforcement, grill, and body kit facia.
about 4 hours work if you have any skills and can do it yourself.

i've seen much worse. Also, if your insurance claims = totaled remember the ins. company is writing it off cause it would take more than 75% of the car's worth to get it fixed. just tell them you wanna keep it.

happy repairing man.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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