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My Altima died on the road a few weeks ago, and wouldn't start. I towed it home and was finally able to get it to start and run, but the engine is missing. Turns out that its getting a spark to all but one plug, the number 4 (the one nearest to the distributor). Actually, that's not entirely correct. No. 4 does spark occasionally, but it is intermintent. To confirm this, I hooked a timing light to its wire. With the car idling, the timing light blinks when the idle is normal, and goes dark when the idle roughens.
I suspect the problem is with the distributor but am by no means sure of it.I removed the distributor cap and rotor and cleaned them somewhat with some brake parts cleaner and this seemed to help a little but not much.
Also - I am getting a 3;4 code, knock sensor. Could this contribute to the sparking issue?
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