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I am new to the forum and I live close to 290 and 34th street. I hate to sound desperate, but it is what it is.

I have a wonderful old 1993 Pathfinder I call The Beast. LOL I took her for an alignment a couple of months ago and they said she wouldn't hold because she needs new LBJ's, UCAB, and outer TRE's on the front.

I don't have the money for the repairs but I did manage to order the parts and have them here in my living room.

In addition, something is draining the NEW battery. It will start fine for days and then we'll need a jump start. It has some other issues that may be causing that. Not sure though.

Anyway, I really need someone who can do the work "for food" or beer! LOL We'd be happy to grill for someone or make some sort of small payments starting in August, etc. But we are barely scrapping by and just don't have the money for regular labor costs.

Can anyone refer me to a good shadetree mechanic that would be willing to do some front end work on the cheap? Someone with the tools to press the ball joints? And take a look at her other problems?

I appreciate any referrals and assistance you can give. Thank you!!:newbie:
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