Mileage:160000 M
The time has come for me to sell my beloved project car because I’m starting college soon. I’ve put over 2500$ worth of work into this little beauty.

I’ll start with the good:

  • Newer low mileage transmission installed in January 2022 (with receipts).
  • New LUK clutch installed January 2022 (with receipts)
  • New LUK flywheel installed January 2022 (with receipts)
  • New sparks plugs (NGK) February 2022
  • Magnaflow exhaust
  • Clean title in my name
  • Heater works great
  • LSD

Now for the bad:

  • Passenger side cv axle needs repair. I’ll be including a cv axle rebuild kit along with the sale
  • Tires need replacing soon
  • Ball joints need replacing soon
  • A/C works and has a new compressor but it does need a recharge. I recommend converting it to r134.
  • The only rust I’ve been able to locate is on the driver side rear quarter panel. It’s not bad but, obviously needs attention at some point.

Now for the ugly:

  • cosmetically rough for the most part (dents, fading paint etc etc).
  • Airbag is missing. I have no clue as to why or wether or not it’s been wrecked or not. I doubt it since there is no serious damage whatsoever throughout the car and All the body lines match up.
  • Radio sits strangely in the dash haven’t looked into it further.
  • Weatherstrip is rough all around
  • Speed sensor was just repaired and although the odometer now works the speedometer is still out. No clue as to why, likely a contact on the back of the cluster. The odometer currently reads around 160500 miles. I don’t know how long it’s been out, the last owner assured me that it was only out for 10k miles how true that is I have no clue.
  • Last owner swapped the seats with b15 seats and they don’t sit correctly. And in my opinion look strange although very comfy seats.
  • The carpet liner in the trunk is missing
  • Missing clips for airbox
  • Broken passenger side mirror