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I am working on my girlfriend's kid's 91 300zx with 120K on it. There is just a lot wrong with it and I am thinking salvage at this point... :) really.. but I am plugging along fixing what I can. I have some questions.

1) Once warm, the car is consistently dying when coasting to a stop. The RPM's go right down to zero after I push in the clutch. This "seems" to be worse when the brake is applied... like I can somtimes stop it from dying by letting off the brakes and coasting. Vacuum leak is what I suspect.... but where? Any other ideas?

2) The manual tranny is making lots of noise. Even at in nuetral with the clutch out it sounds like there is no fluid in there. there is a pulley chirp with a light shaft hiss. 1st gear is whiny and the worst, 2nd - 4th not as bad... 5th makes noise on the freeway. I topped off the fluid... no help, then completely drained and replaced it yesterday... no help. The magnetic drain plug was pretty fouled, mainly with a black graphite like gunk, but also some metal filings.... not aweful but not good. Also the 1st to 2nd shift causes a gear clash.. again not bad but like the teeth are just misaligned 1/16 of an inch and you have to push the shifter past it.

3) At about 50 mph a loud low hum, almost vibration comes from the rear.. Stays loud with the clutch in or out... almost sounds like a bad tire but not... then goes away as speed backs down. A few posts indicate the driveshaft possibly.. I have not changed the differential fluid yet... later tonight maybe.

4) No question here, but it seems like every fuel line has failed over the last year... what's the story with that? The car just sat for one month and on startup it dumped a liter of gas on the ground from two different locations. Neighbors loved that.

5) The list goes on but lets stop there. It does have good tires and the engine is strong (although the oil pressure looks really, really a little low when hot.... like 5-10 lbs maybe?
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