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hi all, i have a 1991 nissan 300zx non-turbo, i had been having misfiring problem and the mechanic said it was bad ecu, the new ecu cost too much so i was looking to buy a used one of ebay or somewhere else, my question is does the ecu # have to be exactly the same?
i found a couple of different one's on ebay but non with the same # and i think models 1990-93 (non turbo) where the same (i think) so i was wondering if an ecu from one of those will work?
the ecu # from the car i have is: A18-A75MB9
any help will be greatly appreciated

i know just some basic stuff about car mechanics but here is what the mechanic said:
he checked the compression and he said the compression is good,he changed the spark plugs (got new NGK titanium ones), and he said when he checked one of the coil is not getting power from the ecu and he checked the power for that coil and what i need is to get a new ecu.
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