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Body styling eh?

Well heres what I know of:


*Kaminari makes body kits

*Nismo (Nissan Motorsports) Makes Bumpers. See your dealer for more info.
*DG-Racing makes bumpers.

*Erebuni makes body kits.

*Headlights can be converted to BMW headlights. I forget the exact model of BMW you need to take lights off, but the swap has been done.

*You can get hoodscoops, racing stipes, etc virtually anywhere.

*You can make custom grills out of any material that you think is cool.


*There are tons of styles of mirrors, door handles, pinstriping, paint, and stuff all over the place. Look around for what you like.

*Rims, just look anywhere and youll find em!

*DG-Racing makes some side skirt ground effects. (see link above)


*WINGS WEST makes a wing.

*Erbebuni makes a wing (the same one as Wings West in fact....)

*Lots of universal wings fit, plus some of the Newer Dodge Neon R/T wings dont look to bad.

*Kaminari makes the complete body kit.

*Nismo makes rear bumpers too i think.

*You can do an Altezza swap to ones that fit a Civic. It will take a little bit of custom building but shouldnt be that hard to do.


*lots of people make lighting kits.

*you can get nice neon license plate borders (at WALMART!)

*Canadian tire (and USA equivalents) carry different coloured windshield wipers.

*You can swap to one of those antennas that go up and down electrically.

*get your windows tinted

*rear and front windowshade banners are relatively inexpensive.

*Paint your car any colour you want

*Lower the car, you can use a suspension set-up for a B13, (see the May Nissan Perfomance Magazing)

*stickers (dont get too many or your car will be rice)

Hope this helps somewhat!

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