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I've only had my 300ZX for a week and a half now, but i'm running into a few problems. In the first couple of days, i noticed the car was dying when in drive or reverse if i let the revs get too low, and at idle it was pretty rough. I figured out that one of the HKS blow off valves had a broken stem, and the vacuum like had been plugged with a screw. As soon as i took the screw out, the revs evened out right under 1000, and it fixed the stalling issue. i covered the hose with cheese cloth and clamped that on untill i could get the replacement blow offs.

Then the next problem....

I was driving the car like that for a few days, and as of last weekend on my way home, the car was riding really rough, and it didn't wanna go much faster than 60km/h. On my way home, the "cat overheat warning" light would come on, and turn off. Its safe to say i was freaking shit, and wanted to park it in the garage as fast as i could. Since then, it hasn't really moved. I've tried to start it, but the engine keeps cranking and cranking, sometimes turns over for a second, but dies. I simply cannot crank the car anymore, cause the power seems to die off (like a dead battery, but its fully charged). I jacked it up yesterday, and was attempting to remove the cats and check the o2 sensors in the catalytics, but since i cant start or crank the engine, i'm unable to heat the whole exhaust system up enough to allow the bolts to be un-tightened. I really don't wanna have to get it towed and sent to the dealership, but its seeming like the only option right now. Someone please help me and give me some advice, cause i've run out of ideas.
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