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Hey I am new as of today..:newbie: had my 240 for 2 years.. my tire blew and took out the wheel well lining as well as the washer tube and now some wires are bare coming off the harness of the washer relay or whatever the connector to the reservoir is! But the connector seems intact!

One wire is pink and the other blue! I have no idea where they go to! :confused: Anyone able to help? I don't have access to a Haynes and the FSM I downloaded doesn't have the proper wiring diagram!

All I know is that my washer fluid will not spray!!!:lame:

And I wonder if I hooked up the tubes the right reservoir nozzle.. this connector is coming off the one further away..!

Also my rear washer nozzle leaks rain through the roof.. any way I can avoid my seats getting soaked?? Not as much as a priority since the rain in texas stopped.
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