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Chris90FB240sx said:
Umm either its more or something but I dont see that much rust, atleast nothing 300 bucks cant fix...go find a junk yard and get ya the fenders and hatch and your good to go.. The rest loks like salt residue from the roads...

My car is the same body color everything cept no wing or sunroof. I have had rust problems with my seat bolts holes also and little on the muffler but I plan on having the spots cleane and replaced after which Ill have the underboady coated. :thumbup: Looks like a good car to me.. Very good condition for a 90!! :)
I agree with you on that one, however it all depends on the area your in, if your in california you'll find quite a few of them in the junkyards with hatches in good condition, the fends on that car look fine, sand the rust down alittle on the inside and spray some frickin rustoliume on it, hehe, as far as winter driving, being that I live in Montana I don't think the car isn't that bad at all, just go really easy on the gas when starting to move, everything else isn't all the bad, not like he has a turbo in it yet. throw a couple of sand bags in there to help weight down the back and you'll be fine, just give yourself the time when entering intersections. The price is a tad steep, I would offer him $1500 or $1400, I think they are pretty reliable cars when taken care off, and I think that car is still in pretty good condition, body is straight

** wow, just looked at the date on this thread, i'm alittle late
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