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drift55 said:
Thanks for heads up...I'll be driving all year round and with snow storms a thing to expect, I guess it would be best to stay away from an older RWD car.
I would have to disagree with Brian on this on, I learned to drive with a rwd pickup, now if i must say you can get much worse of a vehicle in the snow, open differential, solid rear axel, slid around like a bastard in the snow.
Now, driving this car in the snow is not going to be easy, especially navigating around town, i hated my car when i first bought it, but you get used to it very quickly, gotta learn that spinning the tires does not help.
If you are a new driver, I would not recommend this car, go buy a civic or accent or something FWD.
With the rust issue I do agree with Brian, that is going to take alot of work and money to repair at a shop...
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