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89Sentra said:
How much extra performance would a CA18DE give you?

Is it worth the money to swap it in...

I own a 87 sentra with nice set of low profile eagle allows and Just swapped an E16 5spd with a 12 valve GA16 89 automatic. It bolted right up to my 5 spd tranmision. Then I noticed that my control box had different power supply. Fortunatly, I seen that an 88 sentra control box had the same power supply. So I took the whole wiring harness out. Every thing from an 89 sentra just fit right into my 87 sentra. Incuding the power steering. I think that the carb was set up for an automatic so it started running good right away with no problems.Everything else including the dash all the gauges, ignition system, and wiring. It was a bit of work with the wiring but worth it in my opinion.

Anyone know where I could maybe get some headers????

87 89 89 sentra
92.9 cents a litre

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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