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Your car does have a GA16, but specifically it's the GA16i which is a SOHC throttle body injected engine. The 91-99 1.6L Sentras have a GA16DE, which is a DOHC multiport fuel injected engine. The GA16i was only used in 89-90 and I don't think there are too many people here who know much about that engine. I don't know why your VIN gives that description since it sounds like the GA16DE (16 valve sequential multiport fuel injection).

Anyway, sounds like the junkyard is correct and that web site is wrong assuming you live in the US. You could probably install a GA16DE, but it would likely require some fabrication. Installing a duplicate of the original would probably be easiest. Some of the B12 (86-90 Sentra) owners may be able to offer some more insight. I've pretty much exhausted what I know about the car. :)

You can find more info on LIUSPEED's suggestion by reading the Project B12 SR20DET articles at But that may be more than you're interested in attempting.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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