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1989 Nissan D21 SE 3.0
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I’ve got a 1989 Nissan Hardbody D21 3.0 v6. I’ve recently had to do a replace a distributor and ecu and one I’ve got to replace the injectors now since they are only reading 1.3 ohms. I’ve been searching around for the 3.0 injectors but I’ve found that no one has them at all. I’ve even checked a couple on eBay but none have shown up. All the ones available are for the 2.4. It seems weird that none for the 3.0 are showing up. I was wondering if any one knows if I can use the 2.4 injectors instead? Both specs and diagrams seem to be almost the same as well. Plus I’m not sure if my current injectors are able to be remanufactured.
Thanks so much for all the help again. I really appreciate it.
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