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I have a 1988 Nissan P/U XE 4WD with a z24i engine. Under accerlation or under no load at all it misses, hesatates, or bucks whatever you want to call it at 2750 RPMs everytime. I have a code 51 on my ECU but the manual says it is for v6 engine only. I have been told that it may be the ignitors or ignition control modules for the coils but is there a way to check them before paying out a $100 dollars each? I have fire on both coils it is just seams like there is a rev limiter kicking in at 2750 RPMs. Please help if anyone knows what the problem maybe.

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disconnect the bat for 5 minutes or so.

then start truck. let warm up.

then read codes again

to check coils pull the wires off one at a time to see if they are getting spark..

both sides will spark at idle..

51 is injector circuit.

the wires leading to the inj. have a service loop of sort..

so pull the tape off to the middle of the loop.

that is where the 2 tbi wires merge into 1 wire that goes to the ecm..
it has a copper or brass crimp.

that crimp gets corroded and can lose its contact .. check it..

also check the fusible links for looseness and corrosion..
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