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I just got a new 1987 Sentra, 2 Door, Automatic. It doesn't have the owner's manual. I intend to do all maintenance myself.

Does anyone know the specifications for the following?

Engine oil weight and Capacity
Oil filter type
Transmission Fluid Type and capacity
Coolant Capacity and mixture
How many spark Plug and type
Tire specs and pressure
Gas tank capacity 8gallons?!?

Car runs very well and it only has 78,000 miles on it. I already drove it at highway speed 85mph for 2 hours straight until i need a gas refill and it's good but sometimes tranny slips at 85+mph. Pretty good car.

I need to do oil change tomorrow, and any help would be appreciated. TIA!

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Oil-a good 10W30 should be fine if you're in a moderate climate. 5W30 for colder climates. Filter is a Baldwin B113 or equal. Should be about 3-1/2 quart capacity. I'm partial to synthetics, but most dinos are good if you run a 4K oil change interval. I run 10K OCI's with synthetics and oil analysis shows I could stretch it further if I wanted. Keep an eye on it at first-if it burns a little oil (rare in these engines) move to a heavier oil.

Auto transmission is about 6 1/2 quarts total fill.

Coolant-any good G0-5 is fine. Mix it 50/50 for cold climate, 70/30 if you don't get below freezing. Avoid the older "green snot of death" antifreeze. Should be slightly more than 5 quart total capacity with an auto transmission.

Tire sizes should be listed on the tag on the door. I keep mine at 35#.

4 spark plugs. If you're gonna change them, change those wires, cap and rotor too. Your auto parts store can find the correct type and heat range, or look them up at a site like

I think the fuel capacity is closer to 12 gallons. I usually run mine for close to 400 miles before filling up, and it usually takes about 10 gallons to fill. Driving smart results in close to 40 MPG in a well tuned stock engine with a manual transmission.

If your transmission is slipping, check the fluid. If it has a brownish look to it, or smells burnt, change it ASAP. Make sure it's full.
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