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1987 brake question

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hey, i just got a 1987 1.6 (i think) sentra carbed, with 89,000 original miles from an old lady and its in super mint condition. the question is for some reason my brakes are sqeeking like a skinny pig and the pads look brand new. and the rotors look good but are mirror like. like they are getting way too hot. i drive about 250-300 highway miles a week do to my job. from what ive read thru the forums search is that these arent vented at all and are prone to getting hot very easy, and the are only made to go around town and not much highway driving. is this tru? and if so would i benifit from getting drilled and slotted rotors? ive searched thru the forums but with no definate answers. thanks for any help
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drilled rotors tend to crack, and slotted rotors are iffy. Try changing your pads and getting the rotors turned, if it doesnt fix it then i would just live with it. Solid rotors do tend to overheat but that is usually in hard driving like racing, otherwise regular city/highway driving should not phase them.
Are there any decent oe fit cross slotted rotor the only ones I find are on ebay made by R1 concepts
but it is phazing them. i kno their heating up really hot especially getting off the highway doing 73mph or so and getting off an exit. if u seen them their like mirrors. and my sc300 didnt do it, dsm, or my del sol. but yea the cheap crossdrilled do crack sumtime under strees, i kno i had sum crossdrilled mk4 supra on my sc300 and one did crack then i got sum good ones and where great b4 it was totalled. yea but ionno bout r1 concepts. i seen those on ebay myself. i drive a lot of miles due to my job a week so i kinda need it done. but i think imma try getting sum good green stuff pads or sumtin and getting the rotors redone.
well how do they feel, do they lose their effectiveness, or are you only judging by how they look.
well they squil like a pig, and like i said look like a mirrors on the rotors. that usually indicates over heating. but i think im going to get them resurfaced or just get sum new ones since their so cheap and some good pads and see what happens. has anyone found any decent slotted and or drilled ones? im kinda scared of getting those r1's from ebay. brakes is something u cant cut corners on.
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