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There is a place by my house that is selling a grey 1987 200SX Turbo. It has 237000KM on it and no rust that is easily visible (there is some under the vehicle where the body panels connect). It has a turbo in it. They are asking $1495 (CDN) for it.

(The paint is good, it just rained when I took that picture)

The weld on a bracket that holds the drivers seat in has broken so the drivers seat is loose if you lean forward (easy fix, I think).

On the exhaust manifold, the rear nuts that hold the manifold on are missing the washers, so there is a 1MM gap between the block and the manifold.

I assume that the motor has been rebuilt recently, because there is no oil anywhere on the entire motor, enen on the oil pan! And the motor is almost spotless. Where the exhaust leaks, there is a minimal amount of carbon there, so it has not been like that for long.

When I started it up, it fired up right away, and a bit of blue smoke came out of the exhaust leak and cleared right away, but it has been sitting for awhile. It idled at 550RPM (which I thought was low) I think this low idle speed was caused by the turbo not getting enough exhaust and therefore the motor was not getting too much boostm, or that the battery (which might be original, because it said Nissan on it) was bad and they had to boost it and leave the boost on to keep it running. The boost guage showed about -4 of boost at idle and 0 boost at about 1000rpm. Other than the loud noise from the exhaust, I could not hear any other noises.

It is a 4Cyl with a 5-speed standard.

What do you think of it? Should I try to get it or pass it by?

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Hey man! I'd say pick up that bad boy! CA18ET's are damn RARE..I have one..but it is no longer! haha I blew the headgasket last FRI...sux, cuz I got like the ONLY MODDED one here in hawaii haha...but to let u know there are many things u can do to the car...and to up boost, u gotta FIRST remove the damn stock BOV located right next to the throttle body near the fire wall...for more info and help on the S12's check out this forum.. its an S12 FORUM...laterz..
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