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Hey.. this is my first time posting in this forum, and it seems real good so far, lots of good people. I drive a 86 200sx, 2.0.. this topic
well describes my problems I am having, but there is a few more as well. When I ran a ECU error code diagnostics, it gave me:
Idle switch
Load switch
Start switch
Neutral switch errors. I looked through the harness for any corroded wires as specified to why my injectors are only getting power some of the time. I was unable to find any, and I cleaned up all the connectors just incase there was some buildup.

Also, when I turn over the engine, all the display lights come on... this first happened when testing the car the other day, and when I slammed on the brakes rather hard, the entire display lit up across the dash. My dad has blown up on me and refuses to help any more, so I am kind of at a loss as to how I can check the above error codes to get my car running stable.

The original problem started with the fuel pump not getting any power, it would shut off after 5 seconds and the car would die. Once we replaced the fuel relay switch, the pump was again working, but then the injectors stopped getting gas to them.

I am not very good with cars, but any help is muchly appreciated! For a note above, I bought another 86 200sx for a parts car, and I took out the ECU from it, and placed it in my car.. when I did this the Neutral switch error code dissapeared, but the idle, start and load switch codes still showed up.
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