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I pulled the codes as best as I could, following the instructions, my procedures were different slightly but I got the same results.

I pulled a 24 and a 31.

24 is a throttle valve switch. I called nissan and I work for mitsubishi parts, my cost at wholesale is $1200.

and 31 is ECM, I don't know if this code is tripped because of the other code, but a new ECM from Nissan my cost is $606.75.

I believe that my truck is well worth the $1000 I will list it for, not running. Let me know if you guys know anything else, let me describe the problem.

I burn't out of oil (very low) the truck shut off and I checked the oil and added 4.5 quarts, it is at the max level. The truck starts and dies immediately, it runs really rough if you put your foot on the gas. When it hasn't been started in a while it will idle but as soon as it gets remotely warm it shuts off. Let me know if anyone has any idea.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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