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18inch rims for sentra

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well i was going to get 17inch rims for my car today off ebay, but they dont have the 17version but they have the 18 version for like 70$ more...i think it sounds good...but can a sentra withhold 18's? also, are the set of 4 tires about the same price as the set of 4 tires for the 17inch version??
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they're gonna slow you down a LOT, and they're huge. even with a drop you'll look like the car rides high.
91sentra said:
so your allowed to put 18 inch wheels on your car but your not allowed to lower it? Whys that?

don't post anymore.
rselah25 said:
how do they slow you down?

uh, 18" wheels WEIGH A LOT!

especially the cheap pieces of crap you're prolly looking at, plus the weight of 18" tires.
never heard of them. i wouldn't trust them.

let me ask you this: what price range are you looking at JUST for the set of 4 rims, not including tires?

based on that answer, I can tell you if you'll get a decent set of rims new or a POS no-name brand.
blah blah :rolleyes:

rselah, good luck in whatever rims you choose. if you need help choosing tires, feel free to start another thread or look thru the info here or whatever.

this thread is done.
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