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18inch rims for sentra

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well i was going to get 17inch rims for my car today off ebay, but they dont have the 17version but they have the 18 version for like 70$ more...i think it sounds good...but can a sentra withhold 18's? also, are the set of 4 tires about the same price as the set of 4 tires for the 17inch version??
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how do they slow you down? if the overall diameter of the wheel-tire is the same? i think that 18's look not interestered in racing or whatnot times on my car (how fast it is), i want show and im a daily commuter to school.....but, my parents wont allow me to drop my iono...i want the 17's, but the 18's are just so ever tempting
the diameter of the tire....keep the diamter of the tires the same....more rim, lowere profile....
what im trying to say, is it a good idea to get 18inch rims? consider a show factor, and daily driving factor (although the roads around here arent that bad)
my parents are gay thats why im not allowed to lower it
i guess youre right...but see i wanted the 17inch ADR rims (s-07r) off ebay, and now they dont sell them anymore, [as of today], and instead they have the 18inch ADR S-07R....i want the particular model, and its relatively cheap , but i really want the 17's....i was just seein the 18's as an alternative =/
to correct a person who posted earlier....neon is LEGAL in JACKSONVILLE, FL!!!....the popos dont a give a rats a** about at stop lights at night and right next to a cop, they just dont care....they have better things to do than to pull people over because of vehicle lighting (cough murders/ real crimes!!!) =)
one other questions, this time about a particular brand of 17's...i know iknow this isnt cosmetic, but since the subject is here, is RIAX a good brand for rims?
my price range for rims including shipping are 300$-450$ ... but it doesnt make a difference anymore, i asked the seller on ebay --who originally was selling the ADR S-07R rims (17inch), and then took them off of ebay all of a sudden-- to repost them and he did, and im bout to buy them...=)...292$ + 135$ ship & insured....not bad
thanks for all the advice and stuff guyz....yea, maybe if my car wasnt a daily driving car, id go 18's...but safety and damage to rims are important when driving everyday (40 or so miles) 17's will do me great...
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