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175/70R13 or 185/70R13 tires?

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My Sentra GXE 5M currently has 185/70R13 tires on it. I bought it that way from the previous owner. Stock size is 175/70R13. At 60MPH on the speedo the car is actually going 58.5MPH on the larger size.

I have decided on Kumho Solus KR21 tires and now have to choose the size. The Kumhos are inexpensive and get great reviews on

Would I feel any difference in handling or ride? I assume the mileage should get better with the 175 tires, but not sure if it would be even noticeable.
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yes marginal at best i dont think you will see a difference in milage.
What is the wear pattern like on the 185's
shoulders not worn off ?
I am sure the 185's were put on in a quest for better handling.
dont forget the new tire will be bigger, i see a couple of percent differnce in speed between new and worn. your 58.5 might be as much as 56 or 57 on new tires.
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