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Good morning everyone. I have some issues that my local nissan dealership said they have no idea whats going on. truck has 30k miles, everything runs fine then it seems randomly out of nowhere when going up a (slight incline it seems) it will reduce my power almost shifting the transmission into limp mode. Where it will rev up but not go any faster than 40 or 45.

Turn the truck off, then drive again and its fine for an unknown amount of time. theres no telling when it happens again.

They had my truck in to reprogram the computer with a nissan update they said. and there was 1 code something along the lines of "gear 6 ratio" according to the tech. That was last wednesday.. had zero issues with it all week and all weekend, then on my way to work this morning it did it again. Since this morning ive driven it 15 miles with no issues.

Has anyone had this happen before? They flat out told me they have no idea what to do next. And this is a nissan dealership where I bought it from
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