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Its coming close, 3 days away and we need to get things in order, asap!

1. We are meeting at 7:30am at the turnpike service plaza @ pompano beach. The service plaza is above commercial blvd.

2. Miami ppl, what in the hell are u doin? I suggest meeting up with us at the plaza at 7:30.

3. At 7:45 im leaving the service plaza and heading north to meet the WPB guys at the lantana service plaza.

We are leaving the Lantana service plaza within 5-10min of arriving there so make sure, if ur running late for #2, get to #3 in time!!! If ur not there, we ARE NOT WAITING FOR YOU so bust ur ass, get up early, get to sleep early and get there!

Bring whatever u want, food, drinks, CD's etc. The tampa guys are TRYING to show us up and i wont have any of it! Lets get this BBQ started the south FL way and show em wassup!
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