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...just joined this thing. Own a black 1996 100NX and looking to provide some tlc to her in the form of some new wheels. I'fd like to get some multispoke black alloys but if anyone can suggest anything or anywhere I can acheive stage 1 of my dream that would be helpful.
Oh yes, Im in London too and did I mention I was new?
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pics!OMGH! I've never seen a 100NX, or knew it existed. And welcome. will host your pics. If that's part of the problem.

So it's B14 type body?
Hmm, that looks like the NX2000. Kick ass car.
They are the same body type I believe. Except the Bluebird has a SR20 in it. So.. yah, 100NX:2000NX as Sentra:Bluebird. Also, AFAIK they don't make those in the US, my SR20 for my swap will be imported.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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