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I recently bought a 100NX 1.6 1992. Mileage is quite low, only 55000, and engine runs very quiet and doesnt use oil. But the fuel economy is poor - only 25 miles to the gallon - any ideas? Dont know if its related but sometimes it feels like there is a flat spot on the way up through the revs when accellerating very gently. When pulling away slowly the engines sometimes seems to "gasp" - a momentary loss of power. Maybe choke is sticking or something. 92 model is carburettor, not injection.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


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fouled plug ?

check your spark plugs and wires ;sound almost like a bad plug or two..i have a 97 FI and it stumbles too{gasps}when i pull off slow but i figured out you have to modulate the clutch pedal some to avoid it..does it almost every time when the a/c is on..
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