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1st was a 97 integra LS nothing special but hey it is a 1.8 compared to my 1.6
so my friend and i he was in a 93 altima(to fast for me) when we were approached by a celica and the integra. it turned out to be some friends, the celica didnt want none but the integra did, hehe. well we were on a desolate highway and started from about 50mph, i thought he would beat me because of displacement but we got up to about 100mph and then we let off but his front bumper was only about two inches in front of mine so basically it was fun, nothing more to say.
2nd was a 96 civic
on the way home i saw a friend and got up to him to show him my new cold air he liked the sound, and said we should test it out. his car has probably got 10000 dollars in it and most of that is to show so its quite heavy nut he does have cai. headers, and exhaust im not sure what else, oh yeah automatic(sucks for him). well anyway we approached the bridge and i put it into second going 40mph or so then we floored it when we got off the bridge i was about a half a car lenth in front of him i was so happy. that night showed me the potential of our little ga16's.
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