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Thank you much. I didn't have one of these. Looking at the diagram it shows the power going to the relay then out to the fusees. So if I check the fuses and they both have power then isn't that a indication the relay is good?
Yes, that 's true.
what are the two square boxes just between the blower motor and the fuses? The M99 and the M301?
The two square boxes are harness connection points. The FSM shows other diagrams that show the location of those connection points.
Since my fuses have power and my blower still isn't running. could a resistor do that? The blower never gave any warnings to something wrong.Now it won't run at any speed. I know that resistor normally take up the extra power to allow the motor to run at slower speeds but is this resistor controlling all speeds of the Rogue heater blower?
The resistor does control all the speeds except, I believe the highest speed. If the motor develops an internal short, it'll cause the resistor to burn up, so if you install a new resistor, it might also burn up. The best course of action might be best to also replace the motor.
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