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Hey guys,

I've recently bought myself a new 2.0S, so I registered in the forums just now.

I live in Brazil, and here the 2.0S comes with the 6-speaker single CD player, no MP3 and, alas, it didn't come with steering wheel controls. Not even the Brazilian-market top trim, the 2.0SL, comes with them! Quite usual for models and versions to be stripped down to be sold here, which is bad.

In my case, I just have a blank plastic "faceplate" on the left side of my steering wheel where the audio buttons should be.

Would any of you know if there is a way of retrofitting the audio controls to my steering wheel? I've done a lot of research and found that in other Nissan models the controls and the "faceplate" are actually one part as a whole, I thought if I could get a hold on a set of audio controls I'd maybe be able to pull my wheel apart and put the controls in place of that blank faceplate.

But for that, I would need to find out:

* If i can get these steering wheel controls somewhere
* Whether my car would have the proper harness fitted.

Just for reference - I have found this guide for doing exactly the same thing on a 350Z:

It seems doable on the Sentra too, the only difference being that I'd like to keep the original stereo because the trip computer is tied to it.

Well, this is a helluva long text, but thanks for any help on this!

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