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Hey I just got my Engine Replaced Under Warranty through Nissan. i have a 05 sentra. they replaced a new engine. due to faulty Gasket. anyway

i just checked my Transmission Fuild and it was soo low that it got me mad. on the stick i only saw a drop. so i called my mechanic. and he made me double check it to be on the safe side. and it was only one drop on the stick. now i have drivin the car about 1200 kms. that about 750 miles. so i went ahead and added a bottle of ATF. and the level seems ok on the dip stick. i left the car and will check in the morning again. once all the fuild as seeped in.

couple of quick questions.

whats the worse i should look out for and
also i dropped some on the engine as i was pouring in. should i clean it .. i dont have access to any water since i live in a builing. or just let it burn up.

im more concered. since thinking i got the car from nissan. back you thinkin they didnt add the fuild i should be more worried. or its will be fine.. even though the car drove fine.

also i got my service engine light

and i idle control with high rpm also evap sensor. leak

now i have already replaced my gas tank earlier due to faulty vapor hose and my luck not under warranty i also got my evap cannister changed with it. that took care of the code earliar but now its back.

need help. im taking a trip this fri to buffalo from ny. im concerened.

excuse my spelling. hope you understand
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