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My 2005 Nissan Maxima SE last night had the Emergency Brake light and the Battery light pop on on my dashboard while I was at a stoplight. As I drove along it would flicker on and off but I would intermittently lose power to the pedal. The car never died however and when I switched it into Neutral, I would gain power to the pedal again.

Long story short, It only happened for the first 5 minutes of driving and I was able to get home.

From what have read online it sounds like my alternator could be going out or the serpentine belt might be slipping. I wasn't able to verify that last night but I will be checking tonight when I bring home a multi-meter.

My question is would the alternator going out affect only my acceleration even though all other electrical components looked and acted fine? Is there something else I should be looking into besides that?

No codes popped up (I have an OBD reader)
Car has 150K miles and from what I've seen in the history of repairs, the alternator is original.

Thanks! :)
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