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hi, in a month im going to purchase a

black//2005 Nismo Frontier Crew Cab

i was normally on the route of any typical asian...with import scence first choice was going to be a 1989 240sx "sr20det" swap silvia conversion.....BUT! i decided to get a truck...and make it fast~ and be different from im a total newb with "trucks"

i wanted my car to be mainly OEM//NISSAN parts..cuz im a NISSAN FREAK!
i looked into NISMO parts...but it only has 2004 Frontier parts....i was wondering if those parts wud fit on a 2005 Fronty.....also there isnt much variety of parts for the frontier offered by i was wondering...other than NISMO intake, and Exhaust.....what more can i do to a 2005 frontiner
"engine wise"?? but nothing tooo crazy

and if i order anything from NISMO, can i get it shipped to the dealership and get it installed? or will i have to buy the car, come back, leave, and come back again??

If you guys can please help out a "truck" newbie, I would appreciate it a lot!

thank you!
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