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I have an 05 Altima SE 4 cylinder that has been giving me problems for some time. Basically randomly the car does this: After braking (and usually coasting around a corner) I apply throttle, and the car rev's (like it's in neutral) and then engages (out of neutral into drive) lunging forward giving you whiplash. Before my 60,000 mi warranty expired I had the dealer install a new transmission. The problem persists. I'm at 70,000 miles now and can't figure this out. Could it be the TPS? The anti-lock brake system somehow? I wonder if I even have a leg to stand on at the dealer to make them fix it since it was noted before my warranty expired.

ANY thoughts? It's getting worse lately. I have no codes or lights showing. I keep the oil / filters changed regularly. We know the transmission is new and all service bulletins on it and the new engine sb have been met.
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