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Hi I have a couple of issues with my 05 Altima 3.5 that I could really use a hand with, I had no luck on other forums. just a bunch of rambling

1 ) Both my rear seatbelts squeak when the are retracted and "pulled out"
I tried a little wd40 with no luck, dont want to get seatbels all oily !
Kids now use this as a tool to drive dad crazy. Any ideas how to access the gears ?

2) I Have a funky smell comming from vents when A/C is on. The only way t o describe this smell is a fusion of "ass and feet smell". I purchased some anti ass/feet smell spray. The problem is that I am not sure where the A/C cooling unit (evaporator core) is located. Can someone please give me some direction on how to acess the A/C cooling unit ?

Thanks Mike
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