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'04 (US spec) SE...We have the running boards with the two plastic step areas. I noticed the other day when washing that one of the rear step areas coming up in the front.

I decided to remove it and see if there was anything I could do to "push" it flat. Well, come to find out that the front of the step area is held down by double-sided foam tape and the two screws are held to the step by e-clips.

It took many revolutions of a screw driver to get the step off. Once removed, I found lost of little bits of sand and rocks...tiny stuff, but stuff none the less. And since this area under the step is recessed, it is a perfect place for road salt to collect and begin the rust out process. I tried to take of the front step, but2 our of the 3 screws would never raise even after lots more revolutions of the screwdriver.

Has anyone been able to remove the steps and affix them for a more weather proof seal? I guess any waterproof silicone would do.

Has anyone replaced the OE running boards with an aftermarket option? If so, what did you replace it with?

Or, did you removed the running boards all together?

I am thinking about taking off the plastic steps and refinishing the boards (tubes) with some spray-on liner stuff, but the project is a bit much for me at this time. I am going to waste my time?

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